Our Story


We are Hayley (age 8), Taylor (age 5), and Alexa (age 2) - 3 cool kids enjoying life in Miramichi, New Brunswick. A few years ago, we gave our Dad beehives for Father’s Day. Since then, we’ve learned A LOT about our honey bee friends. We like helping our Dad care for the honey bees in our backyard, which is pretty cool since we live in a subdivision. 

We love beauty products (Hayley specifically). The chemicals in many of today’s cosmetic products made it so Mom & Dad said we weren't allowed to use them. This gave us the idea to make our own products that were natural & safe. With the help of our parents, we researched lots of recipes & different ingredients, took a course and began making lip balms, soap & hand cream using beeswax from our hives. So proud of our hard work, we began selling our lip balms at a local market and were surprised at how much interest exists for natural products. This led to Mom & Dad supporting our goal of creating a business.  They feel that owning a business offers lots of opportunities for us – from learning important business & money related skills, to interacting with others and finally the importance of giving back. We always have and always will donate a portion of our proceeds to different charities and individuals. 'Bee' sure to check out our Facebook page to see where some of our donations have gone.

We of course don’t spend all of our time on our business. Other things like travelling and staying active, (our favourite sports are swimming, gymnastics, horseback riding & hiking), keep us busy.     

Thanks for supporting our small family venture! Remember to BEE Happy, BEE safe & most importantly BEE YOU!

Hayley, Taylor & Alexa